Amidst the stress and distraction of the Digital Age, it's easy to overlook the fact that our brains are adapted to thrive in close connection with the Earth, our senses keenly attuned to Nature's subtle signals. Meditating outdoors soothes the psyche, nourishes the body, and elevates creativity to new heights.
Meditation on Nature's patterns reawakens our deepest instinctive power and brightens our curiosity, as we journey into realizing our interdependence and connection with the larger web of life. Today, it's time for a reboot -- and to once again invite the wisdom of the wild into our daily lives.


Through entertaining stories and over 36 engaging practices, expert outdoors mentor Josh Lane shares a pathway to exploring your own relationship with Nature for greater well-being and daily inspiration.

Nautlis Book Awards 2020 Gold Winner for Body, Mind & Spirit Practices - Conscious Nature by Josh Lane
Reader's Favorite Book Awards 5 Stars - Conscious Nature by Josh Lane

What we place attention on


what we truly value

Nature is waiting for your attention...

to NOURISH you -- to INSPIRE you --

to immerse your mind, heart, and senses

in the refreshing flow of the Earth's mysterious rhythms.


Gift yourself a mindful moment each day

to feel the breeze on your skin,

hear the song of the birds

and revel in fiery sunsets and the silver light of stars.


Remember in this connection that

you are born of earth and sky,

standing in their midst as you meet each day

like the trees

whose roots hold the soils and stones.


Grow your roots deep in the Earth,

that your spirit may reach high to the Stars and beyond

and in your heart,

know you are One with the Mystery

of Nature's endless Dreaming.





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Josh Lane

Conscious Nature Mentor

Author of the book Conscious Nature, Josh Lane is a guide that bridges the Nature within and around us into the modern experience. Josh has mentored and coached individuals and groups around the world for over twenty years in the journey of discovering the peace, presence, and vision that Nature offers.

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