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Discover Nature's nourishing power by connecting all of your senses with the wisdom of the Wild. Transform stress and overwhelm, and learn a step-by-step pathway to building your own primal, whole-being sensory relationship with the outdoors.


Experience enlivening meditations that help you feel more grounded and connected to the Nature within and around you, wherever you are.


Conscious Nature guides you step-by-step to:

  • Learn a holistic outdoor mindfulness routine you can enjoy in the backyard, local park, or deepest wilderness.

  • Discover how your senses, breath, and imagination can become powerful gateways to a state of Expanded Awareness.  This deep participation with the natural world awakens creativity, and supports mindful presence and empathy.

  • Explore how neuroscience reveals the amazing benefits that come with meditating in nature.

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  • How to apply the 4 phases of the Meditation Cycle, to help you connect to the Nature within and around you.
  • How to shift your inner state to more easily blend into Nature's rhythms, so that your energy flows with the patterns of Nature around you
  • Fun and nourishing practices for expanding your awareness

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Meet the Author

Josh Lane

Conscious Nature Coach

Josh Lane is a whole-being mindful awareness guide, bridging the Nature within and around us into the modern experience. Josh has mentored and coached individuals and groups around the world for over twenty years in the journey of discovering the peace, presence, and vision that Nature offers.


Josh Lane has set the new gold standard for the how and why of mindfulness.


This book will help you achieve balance using simple techniques that are easily integrated into your every day life. He offers tangible takeaways for personal nature connection, helping relieve stress and increase health.


Backed by science and story, Josh’s writings are an easy, informative and fun read. This book is the perfect place to start your journey to true connection and happiness.

- Nicole Apelian, Ph.D.


Author of the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies








Conscious Nature by Josh Lane is a real gift to humanity in a time when a book like this is so critically needed.


Josh draws from a life dedicated to tracking and deep nature awareness. He reveals the secret doorways to entering wild places and knowing them intimately. He reminds us of who we are as a species and how we are adapted to move and think in the wilderness.


This book, if studied well, has the capacity to transform lives, and connect people back to the state of mind that kept us joyful for thousands of generations.

- Craig Foster


Creator of the Academy-Award winning documentary,

My Octopus Teacher

and author of

Sea Change: Primal Joy & the Art of Underwater Tracking

Powerfully motivating...


Josh is a genial guide and companion whom it's easy to trust to achieve what he calls the "pure awareness that is our core."


Both veteran and novice outdoors people will find intriguing and valuable ideas and methods.


- James Lowery


Author of The Tracker's Field Guide and Walk With the Animal











In Conscious Nature, enjoy over 36 enjoyable practices that enliven your senses, engage your curiosity and connect you with the mysteries of Nature. Get inspired through true stories that guide you in discovering your own outdoor Meditation Spot, learn techniques for applying mindfulness on and off the trail, explore the ancient art of decoding Nature's language, and much more. A walk in the woods will never be the same after you read this book.

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