Awaken Intuition &

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A Training In 

Awakening Intuitive Awareness

Through the Wisdom of the Wild

Are you feeling stressed from the many distractions and worries of modern life?


Do you feel off-center, or in need of clarity of vision to help you break through to a higher level of manifesting your goals and dreams?

Exploring Intuition In Nature Online Course

Nature's energy enlivens our senses and well-being...


The peace we find through connecting with the energy of the Earth helps us remember our center, as we find the ground beneath our feet.


By attuning to our true Inner Nature, we discover a powerful place of balance and creativity inside ourselves...


As we step into greater peace and inner alignment, the light of Intuition begins to shine. This awakening brings powerful inner knowing, clarity of purpose, and a wave of synchronicity that supports us on our paths.


Attuning to the Wisdom of the Wild accelerates this process...


The call of Intuitive Awareness aligns us with our deepest inspirations. We learn to follow the power of inner guidance to bring our most powerful, meaningful visions to life.


Manifesting and creating from this aligned state is the ultimate expression of stepping into our most connected, enlivened Self. Then, we are positioned to powerfully share our gifts and creativity to bring forward the change we wish to see in the world.


In the Exploring Intuition In Nature course, experience the magic and mystery of attuning to Natural Wisdom through a holistic set of intuitive sensory skills.


This pathway was honed over 20 years of mentoring spiritual explorers and conscious creatives around the world in the art of empowering Intuitive Awareness.


Connect with Earth wisdom, through practices shared by the author of the Nautilus Award-winning Conscious Nature meditation book, Josh Lane.

  • Learn to Amplify Intuitive Guidance

    Learn to access the Intuitive Mindstate. This deep place of awareness allows you to effectively tap into your highest inner genius and inspiration whenever you need.

  • Discover how to Connect the Heart and Senses with Nature's Abundant, Vibrant Energy

    Experience how Resonant Attunement connects you with Nature's nourishing energy. Cultivating grounding and inner peace supports access to higher levels of insight and well-being.

  • Connect with the Wisdom of the Wild

    Step into the flow of inspiration and meaningful synchronicity through immersing your senses in natural patterns. Invite the Wisdom of the Wild to open new perceptions and enliven your path of authentic creativity.

Intuition... A Key to the Nature

Within and Around Us

There's a Mystery waiting to be discovered...


When we step into Nature, there's a much deeper story unfolding around us... a living energetic story weaving through and beyond what is immediately obvious. On a deep level, we are intimately connected to these natural rhythms.


The mind may catch glimpses of this Mystery, but is not equipped to truly interact with this deeper layer of energy in motion. To do so, we must turn to the holistic power of Intuitive Awareness.

Many have had glimpses of the power of intuition - perhaps through a flash in the mind’s eye that later comes to pass, or by an uncanny moment of synchronicity or improbable “coincidence.”

In fact, a 2017 YouGov poll found that one in every three U.S. adults reported having had a "psychic" experience some time in their life.* But, these fleeting moments may leave us wondering...


Could it be possible to cultivate this ability? Could this mysterious capacity help us walk forward on our paths with more intention and skillful awareness? Could intuition offer crucial guidance in navigating a meaning-full life?

And, what if the secret to all of this isn’t just hidden “out there” somewhere... but the most important key is actually inside each of us, waiting to be discovered?

In fact, this “hidden key” is simply our natural Intuitive Awareness. This fusion of skillful Intention and Attention is our ultimate communication channel with Nature’s patterns.

When we access Intuitive Awareness, information begins flowing between our core awareness and the energy of the larger environment...

Through this flow state, we can discover how Nature’s larger patterns are reflecting something to us about our true Nature Within…

Having experienced these kinds of moments myself earlier in my life, I made a commitment to follow the thread of these mysteries.

Over the last 25 years this inquiry has led me on a journey deep into the language of Nature, within and around me...  through the ancient art of wildlife tracking on the “outer” level… and the worlds of energy and imaginal patterns crossing the landscapes within… 

And now, I’ve gathered together a progressive series of embodied awareness skills into a practical pathway designed to help today's changemakers and conscious explorers unfold the gifts of natural Intuition. 

  • meditation

    Discover Step-by-Step

    Over the course of 10 "learn by doing" lessons, Exploring Intuition In Nature guides participants step-by-step through a nourishing series of guided meditative journeys and Nature-based awareness practices. Each practice activates a step forward on one's own unique path of intuitive unfoldment.

  • Video Lesson Example

    Engaging Video Training

    Daily video lessons illuminate the journey with cutting-edge findings from the fields of intention and intuition research.

  • fern

    Self-Paced Learning

    Each of us has our own preferred learning pace. Enjoy the practices at home and in favorite outdoor spots. Complete the practices in as little as 10 days, or take as much time as desired to savor each module.

rainbow lake

Learn How to Access the Power of

Holistic Awareness

Right now, if it feels like there’s a wall

between the “everyday mind”

and a vaster realm of Mystery and insight,

don’t worry - this is not unusual.

stone wall

The “detail brain” is activated by the demands of life. This mental mode helps us focus on what we need to accomplish. And today, there’s a lot of details to track.


This aspect of the mind is helpful when we need it, but without any balancing factors, we can easily get stuck in this narrowed mode of perception.

Intuition, meanwhile, dances in the interplay between the details and Bigger Picture… communicating how the intricate patterns fit into the larger whole of life that we are part of.


To access the deepest intuitions, we need to learn how to make the shift into a global state of consciousness, into the brain’s holistic awareness mode.

However, the secret to accessing this holistic mode is found not in the brain itself… but in the heart and senses.


This understanding is just part of what we’ll delve into in this exciting training.

heart lock

What Are the Benefits

of Intuitive Training?

Instead of feeling stuck when a wall blocks the path...


Instead of feeling uncertain at the fork in the road...


Imagine accessing an Inner knowing of the best path forward…

Awaken the excitement and mystery of realizing

there is a way to connect with the wisdom of the living web of Nature,

that inspires insight and unfolds our highest creativity…

exploring intuition in nature computer mockup

Get started on the journey today...

Walking a Vision Forward - Meet Your Guide, Josh Lane

Meet Josh

Greetings Fellow Journeyer,


Thanks for visiting here today. It’s no coincidence that we’re finding each other here on this page. Since my first encounter with “synchronicity” over 25 years years ago, my path has led me on a deep journey into the Mysteries of Nature. Each step, a further expansion of learning to recognize and trust the wisdom of intuition. There’s been many synchronicities along the way.


My vision now is to share those core skills that can help us remember our intimate relationship with Nature, which we are an integral part of as a keystone species on Earth. 

Part of this vision includes mentoring others in the deep arts of primal awareness and intuition training. This path is also what led me to write the bestselling meditation book, Conscious Nature, and now, to offer the Exploring Intuition In Nature course.


By apprenticing in the ancient arts of reading Nature’s language through the skills of tracking, and through practicing various meditation pathways and internal energy systems, I discovered a key unifying factor running across all these philosophies... 

The primary key spanning all these ways and methods is the development of Intuitive Awareness. This inner capacity for connection is the interface of our relationship between the “inner” and the “outer” worlds of Nature. 


Further, when we connect with Nature’s patterns in a rhythmic and intentional way, we can powerfully support the unfolding of the inner awareness, which harmonizes with these dynamic natural patterns.

Why am I committed to sharing these practices? Through mentoring others around the world in these skills, I’ve seen that we all have intuitive capability. This awareness can unfold in amazing ways, when we place attention and intention on our deep questions and visions through a supportive, grounded process


I’m passionate about sharing these skills, because I know that when we cultivate our connection with Intuitive Awareness, we begin to realize how truly beautiful and mysterious the world is… and as we realize our intimate interconnectedness, we also awaken to the vast potential of the creativity moving within each of us. And it is this creativity that gives me hope.

Amidst the many environmental, social, and spiritual challenges that we face in today’s world, I know that “the answers are hidden within the questions” that are presented to us. And that when we come into relationship with the amazing inner resource of intuition, there’s no vision big or small that we can’t find a way towards. 


The world needs inspired visions of all sizes and scopes right now -- and courageous changemakers walking those visions on the ground -- as we each shine our light forward together. These sacred visions manifest through positive acts both large and small. 


We will certainly have times when we struggle, when it seems like we’ve failed, as we walk our paths. But the knowledge and trust in the intuitive light within that connects us to all of life points a beacon on our paths; this inner connection helps us get back on our feet and in alignment with our vision and inspiration.

As I share in the course, the great breakthroughs in history, in all areas of life, are often tied to the whisperings and visions of Intuitive Awareness. The wisdom of Nature is waiting for us to remember our connection to the Oneness… and through this awareness, we can connect with insights and ways of being that can guide us forward in a way that honors all of life.

May we each shine our light brightly as we follow the trails of curiosity and passion in life. Please consider joining me for this journey and celebration of the “inner navigation system” that guides us on our paths with heart, through Exploring Intuition In Nature.

-Josh Lane

Course Modules

Exploring Intuition In Nature Logo

What's Inside the Training...

Exploring Intuition In Nature is a 10-part training that can be enjoyed from a computer, tablet, or other mobile device -- at whatever pace feels best.


I’ve created each of the 10 modules to inspire solid practice -- and ground the process -- through understanding a practical philosophy of Intuition, drawing on mind-expanding findings from consciousness research studies and real-life experience.

This is a “learn by doing” course providing step-by-step guidance into experiencing the Intuitive State.


Explore a progressive set of methods and techniques for discovering how Intuition uniquely works for oneself. Look forward each day to:

  • Daily Training Video highlighting inspiring stories and helpful research underpinning the techniques

  • Guided awareness practices and downloadable audio meditations

  • Downloadable PDF Quicksheets & Reflection Guides designed to integrate one's growing intuitive experience threshold

Intuitive Skills Quicksheets

About Each Module:

Lesson 01- Foundations

Get started as we explore the relationship between Intuition & Instinct and the 3 Levels of Consciousness. and the "Cell-Phone metaphor" for intuitive awareness. Explore two foundational meditations that introduce the Intuitive Mindstate.

Lesson 02 - Attuning to Nature's Wisdom

Discover how Nature supports the unfolding of Intuitive Awareness, from brain rhythms to nervous system and sensory transformations. Practice a simple but powerful awareness technique for inspired intuition and creative insights in the midst of daily life.

Lesson 03 - Insights From Intuition In Action

Learn and practice four unique modes of intuitive awareness utilized by visionary changemakers and conscious creatives, inspired by real stories from history.

Lesson 04 - Your Intuitive North Star

This module offers a guided inquiry that helps uncover and refine purpose and motivation. As clarity of intent is arrived at, these inner forces empower the intuition, directing our inner knowing to guide us towards our deepest goals and dreams.

Lesson 05 - The Intuitive Mindset

Exploring intuitive awareness requires some “inner game” and understanding of mindset. Here we will playfully explore with practical mindset approaches, directly experiencing the potent shifts these simple but helpful perspectives can open.

Lesson 06 - Deepening the Experience

Now that we have some direct experience in place, we can begin refining our understanding of the Intuitive Language. We will hone the art of perception, through experiencing the nature of “qualia” or inner impressions, and the sensations of Inner Knowing.

Lesson 07 - Connecting with the Field

What might be happening when we tap into a realm of intuitive knowledge that defies normal explanation? Discover where leading-edge consciousness researchers are heading in their theories and discoveries. Learn why a working mental model or Mythic Map is helpful for navigating and integrating the journey of Intuitive Awareness.

Lesson 08 - Inner Wisdom and Experiences

Building on the earlier theory and practices, we now explore the translation of intuitive information through the 3 communication systems of the body. Explore practices for cultivating interoception, the merger of sensation and feeling and a communication point between the unconscious and conscious modes of mind.

Lesson 09 - The Wisdom of the Heart

“The mind thinks, but the heart knows.” Tap into the wisdom of the coherent heart. Through research insights and practical experiential techniques, we’ll expand notions of what was thought possible... Discover the power of the heart across time and space. Learn how to access this inner vehicle as a clear connection pathway to the gifts of intuition.

Lesson 10 - Body Dowsing

The Capstone Teaching...


More than a review of the key teachings of the training, everything comes together here in the final lesson -- all the practice and philosophy -- into one integral ongoing practice, the art of Body Dowsing.


This is truly an art for a lifetime, that helps us realize more about our mysterious gifts and creative potential. Honing this skill supports us in walking out our authentic passion, vision, and purpose in life.


For these reasons and more, Body Dowsing is the "capstone" teaching of this Exploring Intuition In Nature foundational course.


To help keep the momentum going, the final section includes a walk-through of a two-month Training Cycle to integrate all the core practices into ongoing day-to-day life.


Here, I'll also map out the four crucial phases of the Experience Wheel and guide a process designed to source actionable practice from the wellspring of deep inner motivation, generating a clear pathway for taking the experience to the next level.

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Here are a few answers to our most common questions:

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Who Is This For?



 Discover a deeper layer of possibility in what it means to be in conscious connection

with Nature and Mystery

Creators & Changemakers

Awaken into a deeper visionary connection with the Earth. Realize aligned inspiration, in tune with Nature's wisdom.


"Know Thy Self..."

Intuitive Awareness increases understanding of Self in relation to the living, dynamic environment.

Inviting the Unfoldment...

fern unfolding

Stepping Into the Power of Alignment


Rather than think of intuition as something that must be “attained,” we can try on the idea that we are already intuitive beings.


In Nature, when conditions are aligned, patterns naturally unfold according to their purpose. For instance, when the season, daily light levels, and nutrient needs are aligned, a flower bud effortlessly unfolds.

In the same way, when we set conditions supportive to the mind, heart, and senses, our intuitive capacity can flower.


Exploring Intuition In Nature's training process is designed to align these inner conditions, so that participants can discover their own natural Intuitive Awareness.


An Invitation into Mystery


I offer an invitation to feel into the potential of this transformation,

by sending awareness just a few weeks forward…


Imagine waking up each morning

with an embodied toolkit of intuitive practices

meeting the day

with wonder and infinite possibility…


Embracing meaning-full Vision

with focus and clarity


Knowing that inspired Intuition is helping

navigate each step of the way…


And by inviting

the power of innate curiosity

and deepest insight,

Nature's Wisdom infuses the process…


Each action, simply unfolding as part of

a much bigger Mystery.


If this vision feels energizing,

take the first step to actualize the potential...


Invite Intuition

to Awaken & Unfold!

Discover, step by step,

how to explore the Intuitive wisdom

of Nature within and around us

to manifest your deepest visions & dreams.

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