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Discover the art of Nature-based meditation in this new Listenable course from Conscious Nature author, Josh Lane:

  • Awaken a deep and meaningful relationship with the environment

  • Nourish the nervous system, and awaken creativity

  • Learn engaging mindfulness practices you can enjoy in your favorite outdoor spots

Through a guided progression of both sitting and moving meditations, enjoy nourishing sensory practices that connect you to the Nature within and around you.


16 audio lessons, 2 hours 23 minutes total.

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Mindfulness In Nature for Well-being and Connection with Josh Lane on

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The Conscious Nature book & online trainings are designed to guide you step-by-step into awakening a deeper connection with the nourishing, creative power of the Nature within and around you. Filled with engaging stories, and based on proven brain-based learning techniques and ancient wisdom, these discovery tools will introduce you to new dimensions of Nature. Learn "lost arts" of awareness learned through a close relationship with the Earth, but oft-forgotten in the din of the modern experience.


Conscious Nature Book

"This book... has the capacity to transform lives, and connect people back to the state of mind that kept us joyful for thousands of generations."
- Craig Foster, author of Sea Change: Primal Joy and the Art of Underwater Tracking


Nature, the original mindfulness teacher…


Amidst the stress and distraction of the Digital Age, it’s easy to overlook the fact that our brains are adapted to thrive in close connection with the Earth, our senses keenly attuned to Nature’s subtle signals. Meditating outdoors soothes the psyche, nourishes the body, and elevates creativity to new heights.  


Meditation on Nature’s patterns reawakens our deepest instinctive power and brightens our curiosity, as we journey into realizing our interdependence and connection with the larger web of life. Today, it’s time for a reboot — and to once again invite the wisdom of the wild into our daily lives.


Through entertaining stories and over 36 engaging practices, expert outdoors mentor Josh Lane shares a pathway to exploring your own relationship with Nature for greater well-being and daily inspiration.


Drawing upon lessons from his ten-year apprenticeship in the ancient art of wildlife tracking, combined with insights gleaned from the latest research in brain-based learning and neuroscience, Josh demonstrates step-by-step how to develop your own complete practice of outdoor meditation, so that you can experience a richly rewarding personal connection with the world of Nature.


Journey with Josh on- and off-trail through the thickets and vistas of the inner and outer landscapes in this fun and highly practical guide to meditating in Nature.


Vision Tree - A Wayfinder's Journey

Shamans and mystics have long maintained that the world is alive - every stone, creek, cloud, and tree has stories to tell, if we have the ears to hear them speak. Further, the patterns of the world of Nature can offer us guidance and awaken our intuition, if we are present to what wisdom is being offered at each turn of the trail.


Once a connection with Nature's language is established, it becomes possible to enter into a creative dialogue with the metaphors and insights awakened through the attuned senses. The ancient and enduring Wisdom Cultures around the globe all have their own methods and philosophies of entering this dialogue; the archetypal Hero's Journey itself points towards clues that support this enlivening conversation.


The Vision Tree Journey is a modern wayfinder's guide back to this world of mystery and creative guidance that is our human birthright. Learn through engaging stories and a unique toolset how to awaken and deepen your own dialogue with Nature.

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Primal Awareness Online Training Course

The ancient Mystery Schools recognized that Outer Nature is a reflection of the Inner Nature that dwells within each of us. At the same time, we are a microcosm of the larger world of Nature.


This unique six-week online course offers training in many "lost arts" of awareness that emerge through close connection to the patterns of the land. By attuning to the mysteries of Outer Nature, we get into touch with the deeper patterns moving within us. And, as we become aware of the deeper instincts and intuitions moving within us, we gain insights into the places and connections we make in the world around us. This is an in-depth training with daily outdoor meditations. The practices are designed to open the modern consciousness to new (and ancient) dimensions of awareness and relationship with Nature.

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One-on-One Conscious Nature Distance Coaching

Drawing upon ancient mentoring skills and modern coaching techniques, Conscious Nature One-on-One Distance Coaching is crafted to guide you through essential practices of primal awareness. These deep awareness techniques powerfully connect you with Nature within and around you, so that you can awaken greater presence (aka mindfulness), peace, vision, and aliveness as you create your path forward.

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