A constant explorer of the mysteries within and around us, Josh Lane has shared the arts of mindful, full-being connection with Nature for over 20 years through personalized mentoring and engaging group trainings with fellow discoverers from around the world.


Josh's vision includes bridging the wisdom of the Wild into the modern mindset, as Nature helps us realize a greater expression of well-being and creativity in our daily experience.


Josh shares unique understandings gathered through a ten-year apprenticeship in the ancient art of wildlife tracking, a journey which enlivens the senses and invites a close relationship with the land through the teachings of the animals.


Recognizing their intrinsic links to Nature's patterns, Josh's passion for exploring perception and human potential has led him to also deeply study the arts of Qi Gong (literally, "life force cultivation"), Tai Chi Ch'uan, and various schools of meditation.


After many years of mentoring others in these skills, Josh became curious about the inner neurological transformations that take place when we meditate mindfully in Nature. To gain deeper insight, he poured into the latest research available from the fields of neuroscience and ecopsychology, gathering a picture of the brain states and amazing "inner alchemy" of the body that occur when these nourishing practices are engaged.


With this understanding, Josh weaves together ancient pathways for connecting with Nature along with modern, cutting-edge visions of how Nature heals us and helps us to be our best.


In Conscious Nature, enjoy over 36 enjoyable practices that enliven your senses, engage your curiosity and connect you with the mysteries of Nature. Get inspired through true stories that guide you in discovering your own outdoor Meditation Spot, learn techniques for applying mindfulness on and off the trail, explore the ancient art of decoding Nature's language, and much more. A walk in the woods will never be the same after you read this book.

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