Learn Elemental Meditations

that Expand Your Senses & Help You Manifest Your Inner Creative Power

Learn the "Lost Arts" of Awareness

Level-up your senses...

How did our ancestors' awareness develop over 300,000+ years of living close to the land? How can cultivating this ancient, primal awareness help us today?


Discover how your mind, heart and senses can intuitively read the story of Nature... and how this understanding hones your instincts and well-being.


Add a new depth of awareness to your outdoor skills and meditations that helps you connect with the Nature within and around you, wherever you are.

  • Learn sensory techniques and elemental meditations that help you read Nature's language and blend into the outdoor environment.

  • Discover skills that you can use to empower your awareness of your surroundings and instinctive intuition

  • Cultivate peace, presence, and your own personal connection with the Earth and Nature


You spend way too much time in front of a computer.


Your senses are craving the complex patterns of Nature, because your body and brain is still that of a hunter-gatherer.


Get a serious nudge (and step-by-step guidance) not just in getting outside, but in having a true adventure every time you get out there.


You like Nature, and you also like Meditation (or you want to learn about either).


Sitting on a meditation cushion and focusing inwards without growing an equally deep and far-reaching outer awareness can sometimes feel like trying to turn on only half of a wheel - you get a little ways, but then life happens and you can forget how to transfer your meditation skills to the daily world. Or vice versa - paying attention to your surroundings without tuning into your deepest instincts and intuitions connects you to only half of the story.


Our ancestors who lived close to the land survived and thrived as they developed a deep knowledge of place in tune with Nature's patterns; they also cultivated a powerful inner awareness that opened their instincts and intuition to guide their paths forward. The fusion of Inner Nature and Outer Nature connection is the ultimate expression of Primal Awareness.

You've always known there is a deeper aspect to Nature, but didn't know how to find it.


There is something in Nature that draws you forward, a Mystery waiting to be discovered. When you go into Nature you feel an abundance of the peace and aliveness that is your birthright. Our collective ancestors all lived and breathed in the mysteries of Nature each day, and learned to understand Nature's language.


You don't have to go to a deep wilderness to find this natural state of awareness. This deep connection potential is coded into your very genes - you just need the code, the tools, to wake it up. You can learn to access the state of Primal Awareness wherever you go, for more peace, more presence, and access to deeper states of intuition and creativity.



Enliven Your Senses and Perception as you connect with the Nature within & around you through daily meditation and Primal Awareness practices.

Clear Stress

Meditation and Nature are both powerful de-stressors. Conscious Nature practices combine them so you can rejuvenate & re-energize.

Learn Nature's Language

Learn how the birds and animals are your best teachers for expanding awareness & reaching deep internal states.

Course Training Modules:

Foundations of Awareness

What is awareness, and what does it mean to "expand" your perception?


Through stories that take us back to the dawn of human perception, and field practices that engage the senses, we will set a strong foundation of awareness skills that we'll keep building on throughout the course.


Here, you'll adopt a place outdoors as your Meditation Spot (this can be in the backyard or local park, or favorite hiking area). Get introduced to practices that expand your awareness into multiple levels of your Being, expanding out to the wild nature around you, and tracking your Nature within.

Earth Element: Growing the Roots of Awareness

The Earth Element provides a stable foundation upon which awareness and connection can grow.


  • Connect with Nature

    Learn how to connect with Nature for grounding, presence, and confidence

  • Awaken Your Primal Earth Mind

    Learn essential sensory and energetic routines that will awaken your Earth Mind as you experience  effective meditation and mindful awareness tools

  • Empower Your Senses & Grow your Sense of Place

    Gain routines that enable you to feel more confident and relaxed in the outdoors

Water Element:

The Trunk of Awareness

  • Explore the Power of Emotional Energy

    Practice techniques that help you identify, assess, and harmonize your emotional energy for more clarity and focus

  • Experience the Nature of Primal Intuition

    Discover Primal Awareness methods for accessing the intuitive wisdom of the body as you explore Nature

  • Cultivate Dynamic Creativity

    Empower your vision with a powerful inner mindset routine, and learn how Nature's patterns can awaken your creativity to better meet life's challenges

Explore a greater sense of emotional and energetic flow with the teachings of the Water Element.

Learn skills that help you cultivate fluid, effortless awareness of your inner and outer worlds.

The Fire Element teachings bring in Nature's energy to transform, activate, and engage your awareness.

Fire Element: The Branches of Awareness

  • Empowerment Tools

    Fuel your vision and life goals with passion and energy

  • Harness the Energy of Light

    Track the energy of Nature and learn to harmonize with Nature's flow in your meditations, plans, and projects

  • Clarify and Expand

    Deepen your meditations and sensory awareness with focus and clear energy

Air Element:

The Canopy of Awareness

  • Learn to Detect & Decipher Nature's Code

    Learn how the language of Nature extends your senses and warns you of animals or people moving in the distance

  • Expand Your Awareness to the Horizons

    Discover how a common but overlooked natural ability becomes a doorway to a much greater awareness

  • Meditate with the Air Element

       Use the power of meditating with the Air Element to perceive more deeply into the realm of pure observation, beyond the filters of interpretation and judgement that can cloud the awareness

Expand your awareness beyond your immediate surroundings through the power of the Air Element and the language of Nature.

Void Element: The Space Beyond the Tree

Forms that may at first appear separate may, upon further observation, blend together in a larger unified whole. The Space or Void Element traditionally contains and unifies all other elements, and invites us into a larger and more mysterious conception of the world.

  • Go Beyond the Surface

    Discover deeper layers of interconnection and relationship in Nature and in daily life

  • Experience the Moment

    Explore the power of Silence in Being and the restorative, awareness-enhancing effects of this practice

  • Unify the Senses into Primal Perception

    Delve further into the realm of intuition and insight gleaned through holistic perception

Step-by-Step Guidance...

Learn from an experienced Guide who has mentored practitioners around the world in primal awareness skills for over 20 years.


Don't waste time on guessing which skills to focus on... get daily inspiration and clear practices that bring adventure and new layers of depth to your explorations of the Nature within and around you.

Josh Lane

Author of the book Conscious Nature, Josh Lane is a guide that bridges the Nature within and around us into the modern experience. Josh has mentored and coached individuals and groups around the world for over twenty years in the journey of discovering the peace, presence, and vision that Nature offers.

Josh brings forward a depth of experience from his journeys in the realms of traditional earth connection, healing, martial arts, meditation, and mentoring.


Josh’s vision is to help bridge the healing power of Nature into the modern experience. Josh seeks to enliven leaders and visionaries with the grounded holistic awareness and creativity that a primal connection with the Earth offers us, so that Nature becomes increasingly present in the consciousness of today and tomorrow’s leaders.

Conscious Nature Mentor

  • Awaken your Primal Awareness through daily practices & adventures (includes over 50 audio training sessions!)

  • Deepen your experience through Reflection Questions & Transcripts included for each practice

  • Six Training Modules guide you through experiencing the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space) as you connect with the Nature within and around you

  • Learn the "Lost Arts" of awareness experientially, guided step-by-step each stage of the journey through engaging stories and practices.

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