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Our Ecology

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Discover How Nature Awakens Our Best Selves...

And why it's time for an "imagination reboot."

Our highest creativity is waiting for us... and Nature is a key to help us activate it.


In Rewilding Our Ecology of the Imagination, discover:

  • Why we are adapted to need Nature in our lives for our highest creativity and well-being, especially in the modern experience
  • How the brain's "priming cycle" connects us through our senses to place & environment, and how we can intimately awaken our relationship with the Living Story of Nature
  • Actionable, fun ways to deepen connection to the Nature within and around you for yourself and your family

Inspiration, Aliveness, Well-being...

These are just a few of the gifts that Nature awakens in our lives.

Discover how we can Rewild our imaginations... by inviting Nature to infuse our creativity.

Learn how Nature brings

fresh inspiration and well-being into your life, so that you can ditch stress, enliven your energy, and feel more grounded.

In this free audio series, Josh Lane, author of the #1 best-selling meditation book, Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature, shares how Nature brings healing and creativity into our lives, with fun practices for getting started on your journey.

For over 300,000 years as a species we’ve been connected deeply to Nature’s stories, through our senses. Our abilities to sense, imagine, and predict were honed through survival and adaptation while living close to the land.

For much of this timespan, the stories we told -- and the inner landscapes we imagined -- were directly connected to our local environments.


The Ecology of the Human Imagination was linked in relationship to the local plants, trees, animals, and greater holistic sense of place. 


The stories that arose in this connection could help us relate with our place in Nature, and with each other. This understanding developed as we adapted and grew as a species in Nature. 


Suddenly we find ourselves in the Digital Era, often seemingly cut off from the outdoors, yet as many new studies are now showing, we still have brains that thrive best when immersed in Nature’s patterns.


This intimate connection with Nature is what drives our well-being and our highest moments of creativity.


Yet for so many today, we may feel cut off from Nature in much of our lives, or unsure how to go deeper in our experiences in the outdoors.


How can we infuse our senses, our soul -- our deep imagination --

with the energy of the wild today?


Join me for this special audio series, that I’m gifting to you today for free -- Rewilding Our Ecology of the Imagination.


In this series, we’ll explore how we can discover a deep relationship with nature, so that we can cultivate the peace and well-being that Nature awakens in our lives.


Acting from a grounded place, filled with Nature's energy, helps us bring our best selves forward to meet life with grounding and presence, and our highest creativity.  


I’m also sharing my 5 Ways to Rejuvenate in Nature guidebook, with a daily practice you can use to begin your journey, and my Getting Started email series that gives you additional insights and practices to bring Nature’s healing power into your life every day. 


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Craig Foster, author of Sea Change: Primal Joy & the Art of Underwater Tracking

"Josh draws from a life dedicated to tracking and deep nature awareness...


He reveals the secret doorways to entering wild places and knowing them intimately."

Jon Young, author of Coyote's Guide to Connecting With Nature

"Josh's experience as a deep nature connection mentor and thoroughly skilled practitioner of tracking really shines through...


Thank you Josh for laying a practical pathway to connecting with ourselves and the power of meditation in nature."

Nicole Apelian, Ph.D., author of A Reference Guide to Surviving Nature

"With Conscious Nature, Josh has set the new gold standard for the how and why of mindfulness.


He offers tangible takeaways for personal nature connection, helping relieve stress and increase health."


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