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Nature Mirrors Your Soul's Compass

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About the Author: Josh Lane

Hi, I’m Josh Lane, author of the book, Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature.

My calling in life - the thing that fires me up the most - is helping others to connect with Nature’s inspiration and wisdom so they can enjoy more peace and aliveness, passionate inquiry, creativity, and well-being in life.

I have been helping others around the world through providing coaching and training in the skills of deep nature connection for over twenty years; I’ve mentored people both new and experienced in the outdoors to take their relationship with Nature to a new level of meaning through the skills of mindful sensory awareness, natural inquiry, and routines that connect us to the Nature within and around us.

Navigating the Journey...

Embracing Change Through Nature’s Wisdom

Every journey in Life is a transformational process. This is because we are part of Nature, and Nature is constantly transforming. No matter where we are at in our lives, there is always something that is spurring us forward - a new challenge to meet, a transition to embrace, or a lesson to learn.

We are each the Hero or Heroine in our own life’s tale, each the main character in our own special Hero’s Journey. The way we rise to meet these moments of transformation defines who we are and who we are becoming next. Do we have the clarity we need to take stock of our choices? Do we have access to the authentic instinct and intuition that reveals our deepest soul longings? 

When you remember your Inner Compass heading, you can always find your way forward, even out of the most impenetrable thicket of doubt and confusion.


As one of my mentors often said to me, “Where will you go when you get to a fork in the road? I make my own path.”

Ironically, it is often at these challenging moments when it can be the hardest to find the internal clarity and intuition that we require to move forward. Because of this, it’s invaluable to have a Guide who can point the way towards accessing these inner resources when the going gets tough, or when we’re at a crossroads and we’re just not sure which way to proceed.

On my own journey, I’ve found that Nature is one of the most powerful teachers and guides that I could ever ask for as I traverse my unique path in life. At crucial moments of great import, I have turned to Nature and found a greater clarity and peace that has helped me make better, wiser decisions.

Not only that, but I’ve also experienced time and again how the patterns of Nature mirror the deepest callings that stir within one’s soul.


Meaningful, soulful encounters with animals, plants, clouds, and other aspects of Nature at just the right moment can be  life-affirming events, filled with mystery and awe.


These moments remind us that we are on track with our deepest purpose and passion.


By attuning to the Nature within and around us, we can learn to work with Nature's messages. Like a compass, these moments are there to remind us of the true heading in our life paths.


This is the kind of deep connection with Nature that has powerfully changed the course of my life, and that I am passionate about helping others to access in their own lives.

Natural Wayfinding...

Navigating With 

Nature’s Synchronicity

The eminent psychologist Carl Jung called these mysterious patterns “synchronicity,” though this communication with Nature has been known by many names across different cultures.


Since the dawn of time, people have looked to the many signs and symbols of Nature for inspiration and guidance on their path.


Only recently, as modern culture has become distanced from direct immersion in the patterns of Nature, has this understanding been largely forgotten.

However, shamans and mystics have long maintained that the entire world is alive - every stone, creek, cloud, and tree has stories to tell, if we have the ears to hear them speak.


Further, Nature's patterns provide guidance and awaken our intuition, if we are present to the wisdom that’s being offered at each turn of the trail.

For myself, I began my journey with an average childhood in the suburbs filled with video games and baseball - passing my days with little thought or experience of Nature. Later, my inquiry took me on a trail that immersed me in Nature’s patterns, as I found mentors who guided me in learning the ancient arts of wildlife tracking, earth living skills, and understanding the language of the birds.

Through my training, I began to learn about my own capacity of communication with Nature, discovering the aspects of Nature that hold special meaning for my unique journey and how to dialogue with these creative potentials.

The direct feedback I’ve received from Nature at crucial moments (and in everyday moments, too) has given me the resolve and feeling of alignment I needed at those times to truly step forward with my greatest passions and gifts in the world, even when I could only see a few steps forward on my path.

However, it doesn’t have to take a decades-long journey to begin accessing these skills. This basic ability to communicate with Nature is already there within each person, waiting like a dormant sense to be utilized.  Through practicing certain basic skills, this connection can quickly come online.

Once a connection with Nature's language is established, it becomes possible to enter into a creative dialogue with the metaphors and insights awakened through the attuned senses.


The ancient and enduring Wisdom Cultures around the globe all have their own methods and philosophies of entering this dialogue; the archetypal Hero's Journey itself points towards clues that support this enlivening conversation. 

Tuning Up Your Inner Compass...

More Than Coincidence

Having experienced many moments of synchronicity in my life, my path led me to seek out mystics and shamans to gain other perspectives on this phenomenon.


The insights from these exchanges helped me see how the patterns I was experiencing  have been common to cultures that connect deeply with Nature, and how enjoying a dialogue with Nature is truly a birthright of humanity.

In addition, my research led me to see how synchronicity has opened key discoveries that have shaped the arts and the sciences, altering the many faces of culture itself throughout the ages.


Famous inventors, writers, scientists, and leaders have all documented extraordinary moments of meaningful “coincidence” that have opened new avenues of thought. Nature is constantly evolving; human  creativity is intimately tied to that creative surge of elemental potential.


By tuning to Nature’s patterns, you tune up your own highest creativity and inspiration.

Through all this research and experience, and from having had the opportunity to observe powerful moments of communication with Nature arise for many others over the years, I’ve gathered a set of “activators” that can support awakening your own personal  dialogue with Nature.


Now, I've brought together these unique tools for you in The Vision Tree: A Wayfinder's Journey Audio Toolkit.

The Vision Tree:

A Wayfinder's Journey

Audio Toolkit

The Vision Tree Journey is a modern wayfinder's guide back to this visionary world of mystery and creative guidance that is our human birthright. Learn through engaging stories and a unique toolset how to awaken and deepen your own dialogue with Nature.

The training itself arose synchronistically, when I hit a point of exhaustion and uncertainty on my path. In that moment of “the dark night of the soul,” I turned to Nature, seeking understanding and enlightenment.

The Quest that unfolded that day - the journey to a place that I now know as The Vision Tree - not only filled me with tremendous peace and aliveness, but it also indicated a pathway that I could clearly share with others seeking that same potent source of Creativity and healing wisdom in their own lives.

About the Toolkit

Awaken to the power of synchronicity in your life.

These tools guide you begin decoding the deeper layers of meaning that are waiting to be discovered in your natural communication with Nature.

Get Inspired!

Through inspiring storytelling, hear the true tale of the Vision Tree, and the mythic elements in this story that you can apply to navigate your soul's journey in tune with Nature.


Feel Enlivened

Discover how intentionally working with the mythic elements can enliven your life. Learn how seemingly mundane everyday happenings can become doorways to a deeper understanding and experience of soulful Mystery.

Discover Synchronicity

Learn how the power of burning questions awakens synchronicity, and learn a routine you can bring into your day to turn this powerful activator on more fully in your life.

The Toolkit Includes:

  • Downloadable Audio Set

    Enjoy over 1 1/4 hours of energizing stories and teachings in downloadable audio format.


    This story was told and recorded live the evening after my journey to the Vision Tree, and it is infused with the inspiring energy that arose from the Quest. The Story models the Archetypal energies of Nature that bring our journeys to life, and shows how an everyday walk in the woods can turn into a Quest that brings vision and hope to our paths.

  • Complete Transcript

    If you're a visual learner, we've got you covered. The Toolkit includes a 72 page PDF Guidebook with a complete edited transcript of the audio, which also makes a great quick reference.

  • Vision Tree Wayfinder's Framework & Guidebook

    Besides the transcript, you also get a PDF Workbook section that guides you step-by-step through the practical tools you'll learn in the audio stories, so that you can work with the power of deep questions and the 4 stage Vision Tree Wayfinding Framework to empower your own unique Hero's Journey in Nature.


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